Yoga is a physical, mental and energetic practise. The practice of Yoga works just as much on your energetic body as it does the physical one. I’ve always understood Yoga to be a conversation or a communion with yourself. It’s a sacred space where the body has just enough freedom and space to speak, sometimes, when you give it enough space & the safety to unravel, the body will speak loudly & may even scream. But often that’s exactly what we need: a wake-up call. 

How long has it been since you paused & gave your body space to speak to you, mentally, energetically or physically? When we do this properly (connect & slow down) all kinds of emotions can begin to surface, which is completely natural. Emotion= energy in motion. Sometimes we’ll cry, you may feel angry or overcome with heaviness or lightness of being or sometimes you might not even fully grasp what you feel. 

The body is an energetic vessel which remembers & holds onto everything. It carries the energy of the places we’ve been, the people we’ve interacted with, memories, traumas as well as our own energy & emotions. We are so quick to cleanse our bodies with detoxes, fitness challenges & good foods, which help to restore us physically, but what about mentally & energetically?

Our auric body & mental body need attention & cleansing too. Otherwise, all this emotion & energy just builds up & gets stuck. When this happens you may frequently get sick (the bodies way of asking you to slow down, rest & channel your energy back inward). You might feel anxious, stressed out or even depressed without even understanding why. This is why meditation, movement like yoga, & energetic or even shamanic cleansing is important. It helps us to let go & release this stagnant energy, it’s a form of purging or releasing. It is why taking a deep breath can feel so good! 

Try it. Take a deep breathe in now & allow yourself to let go, whatever it is that’s holding you back right now, whatever you’re carrying that’s causing you heaviness, Whatever it is that is no longer serving you, Just take a deep breathe & let it go. I encourage you to create a conversation. Sit with yourself & allow the body to speak. You may be surprised by what comes up.

Lots of Love,