Jade Rose Yoga

By Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Manisha Rose Turner

As the owner and Teacher of Jade Rose  Yoga.  My intention is to facilitate classes that assist you in gaining confidence and growth within the practice of Yoga, while also igniting the spark in you to seek that which is already seeking you. 

Manisha Rose Turner

About Me

Hello, my name is Manisha, but most people know me as Mish. I am the face or ‘Yogini’ behind Jade Rose Yoga.

My teaching style is raw and intuitive, I teach from my heart. I love learning, especially about Yogic Philosophy So I tend to weave this ancient and sacred wisdom into all of my classes where possible. I’m trained in Vinyasa Yoga, specialising in Power Yoga and Yin, however, my favourite classes to teach are Yin, mostly because there is space to travel inward. Just like most meditation practises, Yin classes can be mentally challenging, but it is very healing for both the body and mind. On top of my 600 hour’s RYT Yoga Teacher Training. I having done extensive training in a variety of other Yoga courses including, Advanced Philosophy, The Sutra’s of Patanjali, Vipassana Meditation, Pranic Healing and Yin Yoga.  In my classes, I combine Philosophy and Asana with my own contemporary colouring or flavour. I like making classes fun as well as challenging.

My intention as an instructor is to help my students discover a connection with their deepest selves, in doing so I hope they’ll find acceptance of their bodies and unique differences, while also developing confidence and growth within their own Yoga practice.

I understand Yoga to be an individual practise, so I aim to facilitate others on this journey, where there is just enough space for yogis to trust their intuition and instincts when it comes to their own practice and journey. I enjoy giving this freedom, while also transpiring as much support and knowledge as I can during the process.


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