Jade Rose Yoga

Yoga from the heart, real human connection, true and raw yoga, a space where you can be yourself completely as you are, no judgement, hands-on alignment correction with the use of essential oils. We are passionate about Yoga as well as leading a healthy & happy lifestyle.

Our Teaching Style

We love nothing more than you to really feel your practice fully in your body – this is reflected in the way that we teach at Jade Rose Yoga. Our classes are often slow and steady yet playful, with dynamic sequences, twists & longer holds, dashes of flow, but always suggestions of empowerment while taking your awareness inward. We are passionate about philosophy, music, poetry & creativity. We love to teach you the perfect balance of playful, expressive & intuitive movement, while still allowing space to both listen to & honour your body. Therefore all of the above elements frequently tiptoe their way into each class, no matter the style.


About Me

I’ve been teaching Yoga and Pilates for over 6 years now across many studios in Brisbane, but also overseas and at the Sunshine Coast. I have a background in Fitness but love Yoga for the Philosophy and grounding capabilities. The practice of Yoga & Meditation grounds me. It brings me home to myself and my body over and over again, It’s been a tool I’ve called on in some of my lowest moments through life, getting me back on my feet each time, with more awareness and compassion for others. Yoga provided me with a community, a meaning and a purpose for life and for that – I am forever grateful.  It is my life’s work to share my own experience with Yoga with you, so you can see, feel and experience the magic as well.



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