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Manisha Rose Turner

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept drop-ins?

Yes! Absolutely, please arrive 15 minutes prior to class.

Do you have spare yoga mats?

Yes! We have some spare mats, however, we recommend you to bring your own mat, water bottle and towel as you progress with your practise. 

I have never done yoga before, can I still come to a class?

Absolutely! We have all been to our first yoga class at one point. Even though the classes at Jade Rose Yoga are designed to challenge you, we still cater for all levels. That being said, the best place to start is by attending a slow flow or beginners style Yoga class. These classes are slower, allowing more time for assisting you with technique.

I am just visiting and wonder if you have any special rates?

We have a traveller special just for you! You get the First Yoga class FREE with an option to use our mats and towels also free of charge. 

What should I wear to yoga class?

Anything comfortable to stretch and sweat in. Breathable and light clothes work best. No shoes necessary! 

What should I bring to yoga class?

We have some spare mats. But feel free to bring your own along with a water bottle, towel & a smile!

What about eating or drinking before class?

The recommendation is to hold off on eating 1 hour before a yoga class. Hydration is key to start at least 24 hours before any class with us. Drink plenty of water with minerals and electrolytes, both before and after class.

I have an injury and wonder if I can still come to a yoga class?

Most definitely! The wonderful thing about Yoga is that you can practice it no matter what, it’s designed for everybody, modifications are welcomed and encouraged. Since breathing is the key, often injuries heal faster when coming to Yoga, talk to Mish before class, as she can often alter the class structure to suit your needs. Otherwise, private Yoga classes with Mish may better suit your needs.  


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