A tiny moth found the strength to nestle out of her cocoon. Not sure how to fly, yet, she longed deeply to soar close to the moon. 

It was a battle and a fight to get here. She emerged, luminous but still dazed and confused. Her past is but a dream and her old ways can no longer be used. 

What is this new world?

She has witnessed her own structure’s crumbling. All her systems broke down, she is but a mirror for her new reality. 

And she feels like a clown. 

A new way is born. 

slowly, she and other moths float towards a new norm. It is all so different. She’s changed & she knows, so have they.

Yet, she was always meant to be here. Having taken a form of pledge. Her whole world has been leading to this moment, 

So she waits, standing still on her little leafs edge. 

She is not sure how the wings work, or even what to do. She feels raw and exposed. Wondering is there a way to backspace, delete or undo? 

“Let go”

Says a whisper.

“To be free, you must trust. The path is before you. But you must trust in your unravelling, you must trust and you will float with the breeze, and fly like the bees. Trust, little moth, and a new reality will be” 

The moth hesitates, “I’ve let a lot go to find this moment, I’m not ready to drop anymore… Ive let go of so much. It hurts to let so much go, don’t you see? I no longer know who I am, I’m a little out of touch, what if i don’t know how to be free?” 

Fear and doubt surge to the area behind her heart. Making her new wings feel heavier and her poor heart to begins to hurt. The fluttering becomes harder. With each new flutter, the moth begins to  question… 

“Who am I? What am I doing? Where am I going? Is this all a dream? Which path do I take? Why did I come? Why now? Why me? 

Silenced by the sound of the wind. On the edge of her tiny leaf 🍃 she hesitates. 


You must trust, to truly live, you must love and you must trust. Shine and show up with your full heart. Moment to moment. Breath to breath. Trust in love and you will FLY. 

Trust little moth. 

linger in the now.

Spread your wings.  


Through, all the fumbling and falling,

One day, I promise 

You will fly.”

Words by Mish 🤍