Sometimes, when I share my pain, fears, doubts, grief, insights or shadow side, It tends to elicit caring and concerned responses. Which is lovely, it is wonderful to know people care.

However, the emotions which move through me, they are temporary, its just energy in motion. Sensations are the language of the body, its how our body communicates with us. Therefore, when I witness and accept surfacing emotions and sensations in this way as the witness, holding a loving awareness and sense of acceptance; the emotions, the energy or sensations, well they simply ask to be felt, experienced, conveyed & expressed. 

So, when I then express or share from that space, I’m not looking for advice or support. I don’t necessarily need help. What I’m truly ‘seeking’ is connection, union and love.

Through the act of storytelling, I know I can transform pain into joy.

As to express, to feel, to be heard, to be seen, to be understood; that is what we are longing for in the art of sharing and expression. It’s not to expose pain or to be pitied or shamed. Rather, it’s to find the love, the place of the union and connection which lies beneath the pain.

Sharing from the shadow; essentially a place of struggle and vulnerability, it is actually a wonderful place to connect. This is because the dark is a place we all must traverse. Without the dark, there is no light. The darkness, the pain, the suffering; it is all a part of us, And unfortunately, It is also a place we all occasionally go, when we do, it usually feels like a pretty miserable lonely place, but, what if, it actually isn’t?

What if, by going there, by feeling the pain and the darkness, what if, by witnessing it, accepting and exposing it, what if; that is actually the catalyst which allows us the ability to see and experience true light?

What if the dark is just a place we must traverse in order to gain the pearls of wisdom and insight necessary for the next level? Sort of like a butterfly going into the cocoon.

Yes, It’s uncomfortable, ugly, lonely and it’s hard. But each time you go there, eventually, you’ll come through the other side, stronger, braver and wiser, perhaps even, transformed.

I’ve come to realise the darkness doesn’t have to be lonely, as there is great unity there.

If we all go there and feel that similar discomfort, pain and darkness time to time, we soon start to witness the fact that ~ we are never alone! As even within the dark places we go, we are still deeply connected!

We are always connected, even in our darkness! We are always one! Your suffering is my suffering. I see you, I feel you, I hear you!

And then, when we share from that place, the place of pain and vulnerability; it allows others to see us and in turn to see themselves. By sharing one’s heart. The pain, the light & the dark. By sharing one’s truth and having the courage to show up as you are, moment to moment, you remind others that they are never alone and neither are you. We remember that we are always connected, we are one.

It’s refreshing to be able to show up in our light, but courageous to do so when we are in the dark, the muck, the mess and chaos and still feel loved, welcomed & accepted in return.

What that is,
is love!

And there lies the paradox;
Through the darkness
Comes the light
Through the suffering
unity and connection.
Pain; at its core
is love.
Through it all
We are one!

Mish x